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May 16th, 2004

Siege Cooking at Lilies War

A cooking competition has been planned for the upcoming Lilies War, which will take place June 11-20, 2004, at Smithville Lake, MO. The theme centers around cooking during the medieval siege of a manor.

Ealdormere Crown Tourney Results

The new Prince and Princess of Ealdormere are Malik and Genevieve

16th Century Map Surprisingly Modern

A 1539 map by Swedish cartographer Olaus Magnus surprises scholars with its depiction of the North Atlantic Ocean.

May 15th

New Exhibit on Islamic Spanish Art at the Sackler

''Caliphs and Kings: The Art and Influence of Islamic Spain'' will be on display at the Smithsonian's Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in Washington, DC, through October 17.

Musketeers Buried in Dutch Garden?

An unassuming Dutch garden may be the final resting place of seven musketeers according to the town of Maastricht police, who have handed the investigation over to the experts.

May 14th

Clan Blue Feather Invites Interested Gentles to Join Email List

Clan Blue Feather, an informal organization of SCAdians interested in gay and lesbian life in the Middle Ages, welcomes others interested in this topic to join their e-mail discussion list.

Deforestration Threatens Pandas... and Fighters

Deforestration is threatening not only rare animals, but also bamboo plants, the source of the world's rattan, according to a report by the United Nations Environment Program.

Blacksmith Condemned by Investigative Reporting

WCBS-TV: Cheryl Fiandaca, a reporter for WCBS-TV in New York, has uncovered the "secret" of blacksmith Steven Licata of Garfield, N.J.: he makes weapons!

May 13th

Setting the Medieval Table

This week Dame Aoife shares links pertaining to medieval jugs and pitchers.

Where the Bodies Are Buried, Modern-Day Medici Feud

The New York Times: Scientists in Florence are planning to exhume the remains of 49 Medici bodies in May for a wide-ranging forensic study. One branch of the family was invited to take part; a second branch was not, but its ancestors are among those being exhumed.

AEthelmearc Spring 2004 Crown Tournament Video Online

Alaxandair O'Conchobhair has posted video of the semi-finals, and finals of AEthelmearc Crown Tournament.

More Details on the Recent Insula Draconis Viceroy Tourney

Genevieve la flechiere, Royal Herald, has provided many more details on the recent Viceroy Tourney in Insula Draconis.

Volunteers Needed for Lilies Newbie Tourney

Lady Margaret, Chatelaine of Shadowdale and Coordinator for the Newbies' Tournament at the Lilies War, is looking for volunteers for the Tournament. Lilies will be held June 11-20, 2004 at Smithville Lake located North of Kansas City, Missouri.

May 12th

Northshield First Crown Tourney Photo Albums

Even one would be great, but there are TWO wonderful photo albums from the soon-to-be Kingdom of Northshield's first Crown Tourney.

Society Exchequer Explains Policy on Electronic Payment for Events

Mistress Ghita (mka Susan Earley), the Society Exchequer, has published a detailed explanation of the current testing status and policy on use of credit cards, PayPal(tm), and other electronic payments for local event preregistration.

Midrealm Cooks' Guild Plans Many Activities

THL Johnnae llyn Lewis of the Middle Kingdom would like to acquaint cooks throughout the Known World with plans and activities of the Middle Kingdom Cooks' Guild.

Archers Invited to Festival in Silverton, Oregon

Salem Statesman Journal: The sponsors of the Traditional Only Archery Festival at the Black Forest Archery Range near Silverton, Oregon, invite longbow and recurve competitors to attend in historical costume.

A New Zealand Stonehenge?

Wired News: Astronomy buffs in New Zealand are planning to construct their own version of Stonehenge near Wellington.

May 11th

Landmark Castle in Kentucky Destroyed by Fire Dragonsmark Castle, a beloved landmark to SCAdians in Kentucky, was destroyed by fire on the night of May 10. (UPDATED 2004-05-18)

Alessandro di Firenze Wins Lochac's Single Rapier Tourney

Alessandro di Firenze was the winner of the Single Rapier category of the recent Lochac May Crown Rapier Tourney.

Scotch Announces Transparent Duct Tape

The 3M Company has announced a new transparent tape considered to be as strong as duct tape.

Glassworkers to Meet at AEthelmearc War Practice

Hrefna in Heppna has announced that there will be a gathering of glassworkers at the upcoming AEthelmearc War Practice.

Jewish Marriage Customs Topic of Recent Books Two books: "Jewish Marriage in Antiquity," and "Man and Woman He Created Them," which look at Jewish marriage customs, are reviewed on

Waterbears Still Needed for Lilies War

Master Mellitus of Rouncivale, WaterBearing Coordinator for the Lilies War, is still in need of volunteers for the upcoming War which will be held June 11-20, 2004 at Smithville Lake, MO in the Barony of Forgotten Sea.

May 10th

Draco and Serena New Heirs to Lochac

Draco of Jorvik, fighting for Serena of Black Ness, was victorious in Lochac's Fall Crown Tournament.

Viscount Michael Victorious in Insula Draconis Viceroy Tourney

Aurelia reports that Viscount Michael, fighting for Lady Moira, was the winner of the recent Tournament in Insula Draconis.

Stefan's Florilegium: Additions for May 2004

THL Stefan li Rous has posted this month's additions to the Florilegium.

May 9th

First Crown Tourney Held in Northshield

Siegfried von Kulmbach, inspired by Briedei nic Gillechattan, claimed victory in the first-ever Crown Tournament for the soon-to-be Kingdom of Northshield.

Rurik Longsword Victorious in AEthelmearc's Crown Tourney

Alessandra d'Avignon reports that Rurik Longsword has won the Kingdom of AEthelmearc's Spring 2004 Crown Tournament. For details and to view photos, read on.

Roman Tileworks Discovered in Surrey

Surrey Online: Archaeologists working on a dig near the town of Reigate in Surrey, England, have uncovered a 2nd or 3rd century Roman tileworks.