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16th century trader's house reconstructed in Wales

St Fagans: National History Museum near Cardiff, Wales is richer now with the addition of a 16th century Tudor building, meticulously rebuilt, and now open to the public. The trader's house was originally used for the storage of goods for sale in the busy port town.

The ancient origins of the verb "to fart"

The English language contains a variety of words with sexual or scatological origins. Among them is the verb "to fart." In a blog entry for the Huffington Post, Anatoly Liberman, the author of Word Origins…And How We Know Them, discusses the origin of the verb. PG-13

Building a scrapwood loom

Need a gift or a fundraising auction project? Like to weave but don't have a lot of gold? Have some scrap lumber and want to get rid of it? Instructables has a project for you: a scrapwood loom!