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April 2012 Kingdom Newsletters are available

The Member Services Office at SCA corporate headquarters announces the online availability of April 2012 kingdom newsletters.

Haouc and Mina new Heirs to the West

Duchess Megan reports that Duke Haouc was the victor of the March 25, 2012 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of the West. His Grace was inspired by Mina Wynter.

Gorey Moment at Drachenwald Crown Tournament

Paul de Gorey won Drachenwald Crown Tournament on 31 March 2012, fighting for Aryanhwy merch Catmael, on a cool grey morning at Linnet Clough in Cheshire.

New Moon

If you look at a medieval calendar, you'll see a column containing a seemingly random series of Roman numerals. These actually represent the dates of new moons. Like many things in the early calendar, the values are based on a theoretical value rather than the actual astronomical event.

Maimuna al-Bukhariyya elevated to Pelican at Outlands Crown Tourney

Master Adam Stedefast, Blue Iris Herald for the Kingdom of the Outlands, reports that Their MajestiesKynan and Gilliana offered elevation to the Order of the Pelican to Mistress Maimuna al-Bukhariyy.