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Historical Christmas celebrations in London

Countess Alys Katharine reports that two sets of photos of Christmas interpretations, taken by British photographer and historical interpreter "spiral_tower," are available on Flickr.

Board of Directors seeks nominations for new Directors

Service takes all forms in our Society.  The Board of Directors for the Society for Creative Anachronism is asking for your assistance in nominating qualified candidates for a very special kind of service - that as a member of the SCA, Inc. Board of Directors.

Board of Directors seeks comments on same-gender consort proposal

Leslie Luther-Fulton, Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors, has published an announcement requesting comments on a proposed change to the Governing Documents that would allow same-gender couples to enter Royal Lists.

Ancient stone may hold the fate of modern London

The Stone of Scone and the Tower Ravens may have some competition. A fight has broken out over the fate of London's Stone of Brutus. A development company wants to relocate the stone, while tradition holds that, "So long as the Stone of Brutus is safe, so long will London flourish."