Archive - Aug 15, 2011 - Story

Sackler Gallery receives collection of Tibetan Buddhist Art

The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in Washington D.C. has announced that it has received a collection of Tibetan Buddhist art from collector Alice S. Kandell. Objects in the collection date from the 12th through 20th centuries CE.

Aylwin Watkyns elevated to Pelican in Meridies

Eirikr reports that at Their recent RUM, Their Majesties Caspar and Cecilia of the Kingdom of Meridies elevated THL Aylwin Watkyns of the Shire of the Eagle to the Order of the Pelican.

THL Amelia of Grey Niche to be raised to the Order of the Laurel

The Honorable Lady Amelia has been summoned by Their Majesties of Gleann Abhann to stand vigil at the upcoming Kingdom A&S, after which she will be offered elevation to the Order of he Laurel.

Anglo-Saxon sapphire ring found in England

A gold and sapphire ring found in Yorkshire, England, likely belonged to royalty or to someone else of very high rank. The ring would have belonged to an Anglo-Saxon or a Viking. The ring is very high quality, even compared to other treasure of its time.