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Second invasion of Gaul, Pennsic XL

The Centurions of Legio XIII Senex Crepitus report that the second invasion of Gaul will take place August 11, 2011 at Pennsic XL.

Deadliest Warrior to showcase female fighter

Season three of the popular television series Deadliest Warrior will feature a female warrior among the ranks of the men. View a preview of the upcoming season online.

Zoombang Interview Download

Jonathan Blackbow of the Kingdom of Atlantia recently was interviewed about the use of Zoombang armor. A podcast of the interview is available online.

Atenveldt fighters needed for PSA

Sir AElfred Lionstar of the Kingdom of Atenveldt reports that a Public Service Commercial for Valley Big Brothers and Sisters featuring armored combatants will be filmed July 9, 2011 in Encanto park near Phoenix, Arizona.