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June 30th

Duchess War photos online

Megan reports that she has created an album of photos from Duchess War, which took place recently in the Kingdom of the West. The photos are available on Flickr.

Did Giotto paint the shroud of Turin?

A new book by an Italian art historian claims that the Shoud of Turin is neither a biblical relic nor a medieval hoax, but a creation of the famous Rennaissance artist Giotto.

Mercaston posy ring declared treasure

“+I LIKE MI CHOIES” reads the inscription on a silver posy ring found in a field by a British metal detector enthusiast. The ring has been declared treasure by the British Museum. (photo)

June 29th

College of Arms seeks comments on new heraldry submission rules

Aryanhwy, of the Kingdom of Drachenwald, reports that the SCA College of Arms is seeking comments on revised rules for submission of heraldry.

Violent trauma marks Stirling skeletons

The area near Stirling Castle in Scotland was a dangerous place in the 13th - 15th centuries. Evidence of this can be seen in the recent discovery of five skeletons buried at the castle which exhibit signs of having suffered "brutally violent" deaths.

"Medieval Man" visits students at Ontario school

To students at St. Joseph School in River Canard, Ontario, Canada, Jay McKee is "Medieval Man," the guy who teaches them about the history of the Middle Ages. Ron Giofu of the Amherstburg Echo has the story. (photo)

Pennsic War 40 class schedule online

Class listings for the University at Pennsic 40 are now available to review online.

June 28th

Photos from the Sapphire Joust in Atlantia

William "Cookie" Barfoot has finnaly finished his album from the Sapphire Joust that took place recently in the Barony of Caer Mear in the kingdom of Atlantia. 

Medieval occupational names

Looking for an SCA name? If so, you might want to investigate Der Haus Buecher der Nuernberger Zwoelfbruederstifungen which offers a list of medieval occupational names.

Stefan's Florilegium updates for June 2011

THLord Stefan li Rous offers updates to Stefan's Florilegium for June 2011.

June 27th

New SCA documentary looking for backers

Zorikh Lequidre, known in the SCA as Lord Ervald the Optimistic, producer of The Pennsic War: A Video Documentary, is seeking backers for a new production to be filmed at Pennsic War XL.

Traditional restoration for 15th century bridge

The 15th century bridge in Bridgend, England gave the town its name. Now the town will give something back by using traditional methods to give the bridge a facelift.

Columbus' ships to visit U.S. shores summer 2011

The Columbus Foundation will sponsor a tour of two of its historical replicas, the Niña and the Pinta, to locations in the northeast and Great Lakes of the United States in 2011.

June 26th

Diary of Siege of Constantinople online

In 1453, Italian surgeon Nicolo Barbaro recorded his account of the siege and fall of Constantinople. The diary is now available to read online.

AEthelmearc artisans featured on Manor de Blair website

Members of SCA household, Manor de Blair in the Barony of Delftwood, Æthelmearc, showcase their A&S entries at the Annual Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon in the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael.

The unconventional life of Renaissance woman Copia Sulam

Copia Sulam was a true Renaissance woman: poet, linguist, conversationalist and hostess of reknown in Venice at the beginning of the 17th century. Renee Levine Melammed of the Jerusalem Post examines her extraordinary life.

June 25th

Preslav History Museum receives model of 10th century capital

Retired Bulgarian veterinarian Hristo Antonov has given a unique gift to his hometown, Veliki Preslav: a scale model of the city, the capital of the First Bulgarian Empire in the 10th century. (photo)

Knights and ladies at the library? “Whoa!”

“Whoa!” exclaimed young library patrons when a great sword was drawn at a recent summer reading club program at Grand Island Public Library by the local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Denton Cushing of the Independent (Central Nebraska) covered the story. (photo)

Kitchen Bardic Party II CDs released

Dame TSivia and Fursto de Robnye report that the Kitchen Bardic Party II CD has been released.

June 24th

Shakespeare and Olympics share billing in 2012 London

In 2012, England will celebrate hosting the Olympic Games, but the year will also include a huge celebration of the works of William Shakespeare. Vanessa Thorpe of the Guardian offers a rundown of cultural events involving Shakespeare.

Horse and Falcons/Crown Tournament photos online

Hrothgar, Cathus the Curious, and Mathurin have posted an albums of photos from Horse and Falcons, the Spring 2011 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Calontir.

Lord of the Rings, Czech style

For a few hundred people in the Czech Republic, summer means donning armor and staging battles, much like members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, but these armored combatants are participating in a re-enactment of the Lord of the Rings. (photos)

Stirling restored

Those gentles making the journey to Scotland will want to include Stirling Castle on their itinerary. The castle is in the midst of being completely restored. BBC News has a slideshow of the results.

June 23rd

The "layered narratives" of London and its buildings

Leo Hollis sees the city of London as a “series of layered narratives that need to be explored.” This is what he does in his book The Stones of London: A History in Twelve Buildings. Philip Womack of The Telegraph has a review.

Vote online for grant to build replica Roman fort in UK

Roman-era reenactors who operate a tour company in the UK are seeking online and cellphone votes to help them secure a UK£50,000 grant to construct a replica Roman fortress.

Coin composition tells story of Europe's Price Revolution

Anne-Marie Desaulty believes coins can tell a story. She and colleagues from the University of Lyon are using mass spectrometry to study isotopes of lead and copper found in coins of the 16th and 17th centuries in hopes of discovering the cause of the great Price Revolution.

Medieval coffin still Bosworth mystery

For years, a medieval coffin served as a water-garden flower bed in the village of Earl Shilton, England. Now, the sarcophagus occupies pride of place as an exhibit in the courtyard of the Bosworth Battle­field Visitors Centre. Did it belong to Richard III?

June 22nd

Photos from ARGH are posted

Northshield Kingdom Chronicler Viscountess Elashava bas Riva has posted photos from the recent ARGH: Blame the Judges rapier event.

Armour Archive Radio to interview Al Colfrin of Istanpitta tonight

Armour Archive Radio will be interviewing Al Colfrin of Istanpitta on Wednesday, June 22 at 9:00 p.m. EDT / 6:00 p.m. PDT.

June 21st

Slaine inghean Ui Sheanain to be elevated in the Outlands

Bennet reports that in Their Court at the recent Grand Outlandish event, Their Majesties Bela and Anna of the Kingdom of the Outlands, placed Countess Slaine inghean Ui Sheanain on vigil to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Pelican.