Archive - May 7, 2011 - Story

"Inscrutable" Lewis Chessman on display in Stornoway, Scotland

"The enigma of the Lewis Chessmen has intrigued and puzzled those who have viewed these inscrutable faces in the last 200 years or so," said Alex MacDonald, convener of Western Isles Council in Scotland about an exhibit of more than 30 of the game pieces.

Charcoal pits tell story of medieval Norwegian economy

Trondheim, once known as Bymarka, was the center of religious life in medieval Norway. Now the discovery of more than 500 charcoal pits in the area proves that the city was an industrial center as well.

Two offered elevation at Meridies Coronation

Fianna reports that at Coronation TRM Caspar and Cecelia announced the elevations of THLady Nuala to the Order of the Pelican and Countess Gwendolynn to the Order of the Laurel.