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Puddletown Forest reveals Roman "super highway"

Romans often built to impress. This is believed to be the case with a 15 ft (3 m) high, 85 ft (26 m) wide road, built soon after the Roman invasion in the 1st century, that was discovered recently in the Puddletown Forest in Dorset, England. The road originally stretched from London to Exeter.

Online illumination

A Fordham University graduate student has found a novel way to finance her education: she offers a calligraphy service. She has posted tutorials for her craft on YouTube. (video)

Mapping Anglo-Saxon London

Ever wondered what Anglo-Saxon London would have looked like? Londonlist offers the opportunity to view closeups of how modern mapmakers would view medieval London.

Baron Geoffrey de Bradeli (Dulinn) to be Knighted at Gulf Wars

It has been announced at Gleann Abhann Court that Baron Geoffrey de Bradeli (known as Dulinn) is to be knighted at Gulf Wars. His knighting will take place at Gleann Abhann Kingom Court.