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Luxury items more common in 16th century Ireland than previously believed

Common wisdom about 16th century Ireland, namely that it was a backwater, is being challeneged by a new study by PhD student Susan Flavin. She has looked at imports from England to Ireland between 1503 and 1600 and contradicts the common assumption.

"Jewel in the crown of Libya's Roman legacy" still intact

Archaeologists have feared the worst for Libya's Roman cultural heritage during the recent unrest in the country, but so far, sites such as Leptis Magna the "jewel in the crown" of Libya's Roman legacy, are unharmed.

Ikea does Stonehenge

For all those who have struggled to put together an Ikea desk... Ikea does Stonehenge!

Katherina Weyssin to be elevated to Pelican in Lochac

Their Majesties Gabriel and Constanzia of the Kingdom of Lochac have placed Mistress Katherina Weyssin on vigil to comtemplate elevation to the order of the Pelican.