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The Pictish beast stone of Moray Firth

Isobel Henderson found something cruious - and exciting - in a stone wall on a Highland farm building near Moray Firth, Scotland: a Pictish beast stone dating to the 5th-7th centuries. The stone is carved with a beast, crescent, comb and mirror. (photo)

What prompted the Icelandic Sagas?

Dr. Emily Lethbridge of Cambridge University is seeking to understand the significance of the Icelandic Sagas, why they were created during the 13th and 14th centuries, and why they still resonate with the people of Iceland today.

7th century burial site found in Fingal County, Ireland

Workers laying pipe for EirGrid were startled to discover human remains while excavating for underground power lines north of Dublin, Ireland. Tests revealed that the skeletons in the burial ground dated from between 617 to 675 CE.

Loop braiding tutorial online

Ingrid Crickmore of the Braid Society in Great Britain has posted a tutorial on Loop Braiding on the Braids and Bands Yahoo Groups.

Countess Damiana McDade elevated to Pelican in Atenveldt

Jarl Tristan Dragonheart reports that Their Majesties Arthur and Gabriela of the Kingdom of Atenveldt have recognized Countess Damiana McDade for her years of service by elevating her to the order of the Pelican.

English kings and queens remembered in song

Remembering the names of English Royals can be daunting, but the folks at Horrible Histories have made it a song - literally. View the video on YouTube.

Video of 1978 West Kingdom Crown online

Hirsch von Henford reports that the West Kingdom History site can now display videos. The first video posted online is from Hal Ravn, June Crown, 1978.