Archive - Sep 2010 - Story

September 16th

War unit banners welcome at Great Western War

Their Majesties of Caid have invited all fighting units participating in Great Western War to bring battle banners for display on the field.

Pennsic Artisans' Row quest and survey

THL Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn, Dean of the School of Applied Arts (Artisans Row) for Pennsic University 39, requests the help of Pennsic attendees to locate a lost item and to fill out a survey relating to the activity.

Northshield's Ages of War 2010 photos online

Ragan T reports that she has created an album of photos from Ages of War 2010, which took place recently in the Kingdom of Northshield. The photos are available on the Northshield Gallery.

September 15th

Three to be elevated in Atenveldt

Baroness Magdalen reports that at Their Court at Middle East Feast, Their Majesties of the Kingdom of Atenveldt invited three of Their subjects to contemplate elevation to peerages.

Estonia claims world's oldest operating lighthouse

The Kõpu lighthouse in Estonia was built first used in 1531 and still uses its original lens. The lighthouse once served as a beacon for merchants in the Hanseatic League.

Book examines SCA's medieval fantasy as a performing art

Michael A. Cramer's new book, Medieval Fantasy as Performance: The Society for Creative Anachronism and the Current Middle Ages, considers the organization as an improvisational art form that presents the Middle Ages in a pleasing and entertaining, if not always accurate, way.

Atenveldt A&S photos online

Dame Hrefna karsefni of the Kingdom of Atenveldt reports that she has created several galleries of photos showcasing A&S projects at Kingdom Competitions. The albums are available on Photobucket.

September 14th

English archaeological event involves entire village

Kibworth, England might never be the same, thanks to BBC Four which filmed the series Story of England, presented by the historian Michael Wood, based on a massive archaeological dig involving over 200 residents of the village.

Roman industrial estate found in North Yorkshire

Archaeologists working on a dig in North Yorkshire, England have discovered a Roman industrial estate believed to have been used by the Ninth Hispanic legion.

Felix of Kappellenburg knighted at Pennsic XXXIX

Baron Talorgen Hersir reports that at Pennsic XXXIX, Their Majesties Jason and Gerhild of the Kingdom of Atlantia placed Lord Felix of Kappellenburg on Vigil to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Chivalry.

Mona Lisa's smile explained by technique

Over the centuries, thousands of people have pondered the mystery of Mona Lisa's smile. Now French researchers believe they can explain the enigmatic expression: it was da Vinci's technique.

September 13th

Leonardo3 offers detailed studies of da Vinci's paintings

Afficionatos of the work of Leonardo da Vinci will enjoy visiting the website Leonardo3, which offers detailed studies of the artist's paintings. The site is in Italian. (photos)

Photos from Purgatorio posted

Miyake Nobuhiro reports that an album of photos, taken by himself and his lady wife Sedony, from the West Kingdom's summer 2010 Purgatorio, are now available to view online. The photos are on Flickr. Photos taken by Duchess Megan are also available.

Pennsic bumped forward in 2013 by National Fireworks Convention

Cooper's Lake Campground will play host to the National Fireworks Convention in August 2013, bringing $4.5 Million to Butler County, PA and bumping the Pennsic War forward to July.

September 12th

A Python goes to gladiator school

Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame, takes on the persona of Roman gladiator to learn about training from the experts. (video)

Roman governor's villa fit for an emperor

When it was built in the 2nd century, Lullingstone villa was the height of luxury for its owner, Publius Helvius Pertinax, a former Roman Emperor and Governor of Britain. Now the site is one of the best examples of Roman villas in the country. (photos)

Suzanne de la Ferté elevated in Calontir

Recently Their Majesties of the Kingdom of Calontir offered entry into the Order of the Laurel to THL Suzanne de la Ferté of the Barony of the Lonely Tower.

September 11th

Archeological goldmine found during Sofia subway build

The construction of a new metro line in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, has unearthed some marvels including major sections of Serdica, the Roman city and vacation site for Constantine the Great.

Dogs of the Ancient World

Archaeology Magazine takes an in-depth look at the history of dogs, from Ancient Greece to Mesoamerica to Medieval Europe.

Scarlett Keep: "a club focused on recreating by doing"

Scarlett Keep, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has undergone a number of changes, from a medieval history club to a sports club. Now it functions as a chapter of the SCA. Recently Daily Nebraskan reporter Ian Sacks visited the Cattle Raids event to learn about the group.

September 10th

Medieval marital relations flowchart

Life was tough for married - and non-married -- couples in the Middle Ages, with rules for all manner of conduct. A flowchart created by James Brundage for his book Law, Sex, and Christian Society in Medieval Europe helps moderns understand. [PG-13]

Clan Wars photos online

Bianca reports that she has created an album of photos from Clan Wars 2010 which took place recently in the Kingdom of the Outlands. The photos are available to view on Facebook.

French Gallo-Roman sanctuary is archaeologists' dream

Archaeologists working near the ancient site of Vindunum  (now Le Mans, France) have found an "exceptional discovery," a vast complex of temples dating to the first through third centuries C.E.

September 9th

Bard to perform Beowulf in Berkeley

October 26-30, 2010 in Berkeley, CA, medievalist and early music specialist Benjamin Bagby will perform the epic saga of Beowulf. His performance will be accompanied by Anglo-Saxon harp.

Phelan and Amirah new Heirs to Atenveldt Throne

Joseph and Alianora report that Phelan Ó Coileáin was the victor of the recent Atenveldt Crown Tournment. Prince Phelan was inspired by Countess Amirah al-Zahra.

Time Team hopes to find Boudica's hometown

Archaeologists, including a team from Channel 4's Time Team, are set to sift through layers of history in search of evidence linking the Roman town of Venta Icenorum, near Norwich, England, to the settlement of East Anglia's Iceni queen Boudica.

Inspirational Equality -- An Tirians begin a movement to support same sex couples in Crown

A group of SCA folk in An Tir, led by Ariel de Courtenay and Master Eduardo Francesco Maria Lucrezia, are petitioning their Crown and the Board of Directors to allow same-sex couples to enter Crown Tournaments as contender and consort.

Baron Silverthorn of Drachenmoor knighted at Pennsic XXXIX

On the Battlefield at Pennsic XXXIX, Their Majesties Radagaisus and Ceinwen, of the Middle Kingdom, offered Baron Silverthorn of Drachenmoor the accolade of Knighthood. Baron Silverthorn was placed on vigil earlier in the War.

September 8th

9th century Byzantine monastic complex found in Turkey

At first, experts thought they had discovered a 9th century Islamic building, but evidence concluded that Küçükyalı Arkeopark, a large archaeological area on the Asian side of Istanbul, is the only surviving Byzantine monastic complex from 9th-century Constantinople.

Scottish royal murder scene excavated

For the first time in centuries, the 16th century site in Edinburgh, Scotland where Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, was killed, is being excavated. Darnley was the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots.