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Bard to perform Beowulf in Berkeley

October 26-30, 2010 in Berkeley, CA, medievalist and early music specialist Benjamin Bagby will perform the epic saga of Beowulf. His performance will be accompanied by Anglo-Saxon harp.

Phelan and Amirah new Heirs to Atenveldt Throne

Joseph and Alianora report that Phelan Ó Coileáin was the victor of the recent Atenveldt Crown Tournment. Prince Phelan was inspired by Countess Amirah al-Zahra.

Time Team hopes to find Boudica's hometown

Archaeologists, including a team from Channel 4's Time Team, are set to sift through layers of history in search of evidence linking the Roman town of Venta Icenorum, near Norwich, England, to the settlement of East Anglia's Iceni queen Boudica.

Inspirational Equality -- An Tirians begin a movement to support same sex couples in Crown

A group of SCA folk in An Tir, led by Ariel de Courtenay and Master Eduardo Francesco Maria Lucrezia, are petitioning their Crown and the Board of Directors to allow same-sex couples to enter Crown Tournaments as contender and consort.

Baron Silverthorn of Drachenmoor knighted at Pennsic XXXIX

On the Battlefield at Pennsic XXXIX, Their Majesties Radagaisus and Ceinwen, of the Middle Kingdom, offered Baron Silverthorn of Drachenmoor the accolade of Knighthood. Baron Silverthorn was placed on vigil earlier in the War.