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Skellig Michael fort may have pre-dated monastery

The precariously-perched UNESCO world heritage site Skellig Michael, in Kerry, Ireland, is known for housing monks from the 6th through 8th centuries, but new discoveries may prove that an earlier fort existed on the site.

Town criers stretch vocal chords in Chester

SCA court heralds take note: You would have strong competition from the contestants in the recent 2010 Chester World Town Crier Tournament (Chester, UK) in which criers from around the world displayed their vocal capabilities. (video)

French Shore Tapestry Project

In 2006, volunteers from the French Shore Historical Society based in Conche, Newfoundland, Canada, and Christina and Jean Claude Roy began to document the history of their region with a Bayeux Tapestry-type embroidery project.

Pennsic XXXIX photos online

Alaxandr MacLochloinn has created a large album of photos taken at Pennsic XXXIX. The photos are available to view on