Archive - Sep 15, 2010 - Story

Three to be elevated in Atenveldt

Baroness Magdalen reports that at Their Court at Middle East Feast, Their Majesties of the Kingdom of Atenveldt invited three of Their subjects to contemplate elevation to peerages.

Estonia claims world's oldest operating lighthouse

The Kõpu lighthouse in Estonia was built first used in 1531 and still uses its original lens. The lighthouse once served as a beacon for merchants in the Hanseatic League.

Book examines SCA's medieval fantasy as a performing art

Michael A. Cramer's new book, Medieval Fantasy as Performance: The Society for Creative Anachronism and the Current Middle Ages, considers the organization as an improvisational art form that presents the Middle Ages in a pleasing and entertaining, if not always accurate, way.

Atenveldt A&S photos online

Dame Hrefna karsefni of the Kingdom of Atenveldt reports that she has created several galleries of photos showcasing A&S projects at Kingdom Competitions. The albums are available on Photobucket.