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Early Tamil incscription found

A 13th century grain jug unearthed near Ranipet, India has the earliest example of Tamil script on a clay vessle. The 3-foot tall jug, called a granary, also depicts an elephant, a cow, and a scene of a woman giving birth.

Ealdormere spring 2010 Crown Tournament photos

Eirik Andersen reports that he has posted an album of photos from Spring 2010 Crown Tournament which took place recently in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. The photos are available on the Two Ravens website.

Archaeological find inspires construction of Iron Age chariot

In 2001 Mike Loades was asked to  "co-ordinate the reconstruction and field-testing of an Iron Age Chariot for a Meet The Ancestors" program on BBC. His documentation of his work is available in PDF format online.