Archive - Apr 18, 2010 - Story

Starz TV to produce series based on Arthurian legend

In the spirit of the successful TV series The Tudors, Starz CEO Chris Albrecht will take on the Arthurian legend. The 10-episode Camelot is scheduled to premiere in early 2011.

Three offered Peerages in Ansteorra

It was reported on the Kingdom list that Their Majesties Owen and Genevria of the Kingdom of Ansteorra have recently offered elevation to three of Their subjects.

New da Vinci code predicts end of the world

Vatican researcher Sabrina Sforza Galitzia believes that Leonardo da Vinci worked out a code predicting the world to end on November 1, 4006.

Gyldenholt/Calafia Friendship Tournament 2010 photos

Fausta reports that she has created an album of photos from the Gyldenholt/Calafia Friendship Tournament 2010. The event took place recently in the Kingdom of Caid.