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Map of the Known World available online

Dante de Valencia,of the Shire of Trinovantia Nova, Kingdom of Ealdormere, has produced an interactive Map of the Known World.

Middle Ages thrives in South Florida

The fighters of Trimaris are tough, as demonstrated by a group from the Barony of Wyvernwoode in Hillsborough County, Florida when they showed off their skills to reporter Joe Polito of the Oracle, a publication of the University of South Florida.

July 30th

Vermont mayor injured in mock joust

The Mayor of Barre, Vermont, decided to have some fun at the town's Heritage Festival and joined in a "pedestal joust" using padded weapons. Unfortunately, His Honor took a tumble and broke several ribs.

Making a Viking Whip-cord

Genevieve d'Aquitaine, of the Kingdom of Atlantia, has created a webpage dettailing how to make a Viking whip-cord, a braiding technique used to make strong cording for ties, lacings, etc.

4th century silver coins found near Filey, England

Bridlington Quay Detecting Society, a group of amateur treasure hunters in England, has discovered a cache of Roman coins dating to the 4th century. The coins, which have been officially declared treasure, may be purchased by the British Museum. (photo)

July 29th

East Kingdom Teen Party at Pennsic

Baroness Leonete and Mistress Ardenia report that the East kingdom will sponsor a Teen Party on Monday August 3, 2009 at at the east Kingdom Royal Encampment.

En tableau: the First Defenestration of Prague

Can it really be the Defenestration of Prague if it's done with Legos? Apparently so, with the complete scene created in the plastic bricks on the Blockland website.

Launceston Castle damaged by vandals

Officials at English Heritage are "very angry" over the vandalism of Launceston Castle in Cornwall. The 11th century structure was originally built by William the Conqueror's half-brother in 1075, and largely reconstructed in the 13th century. (video)

July 28th

Known World Players to present "Much Ado About Nothing" at Pennsic 38

Midrealm Bard and founder and director of The Known World Players, THL Tyzes "Zsof" Sofia, has announced that the known World Players will present William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing at Pennsic 38.

Photos of Ansteorra's XXX Year Celebration and Crown Tournament

Lady Brenna MacDonald has created an album of photos from the recent Kingdom of Ansteorra XXX Year Celebration and Crown Tournament and posted it on her Smugmug website.

The lost art of timbrel vaulting

In its "Lost Knowledge" column, Make: Online presents an article on the lost medieval art of timbrel vaulting, an architectural technique using a "system of interlocking terracotta tiles which create what are known as Guastavino domes, after their inventor, Rafael Guastavino." (photos and diagrams)

July 27th

"SCA Fairy Godmother" calls for bubbles at Pennsic

The "SCA Fairy Godmother" urges Pennsic attendees to blow bubbles on the battlefield as a way of having some light-hearted fun and remembering those who have passed away.

Paper studies domestic animals in medieval Scotland

Dogs, cats and horses in the Scottish medieval town, a scholarly paper by Catherine Smith, looks at the presence of domesticated animals in medieval life. The paper studies recent discoveries at archaeological sites.

Calontir Summer 2009 Crown List photos online

Doe ni Floinn reports that she has created an album of photos from the recent Crown List in the Kingdom of Calontir and posted them on her Picasa Web website.

July 26th

2009 Antir/West War photos online

Jaenakiffiny shares photos from the 2009 An Tir/West War which took place July 2-5, 2009 in Gold Beach, Oregon. Madame du Pont of the Shire de Tymberhavene also reports on a large album posted on SmugMug.

13th century Jewish remains returned to earth in Spain

Negotiations between the Spanish government and Jewish leaders concluded recently with the reburial of more than 100 medieval Jews whose final resting places were disturbed during construction of a school in Toledo, Spain.

July 25th

Chaps on bikes jousting with umbrellas? Only in London!

A group of British chaps hold a yearly -- and quite unusual -- Olympiad for the athletically-challenged and alcohol-enhanced. (video)

Countess Cara Marie of Carlisle's historic Ansteorra photos online

Tannis of Tir-y-Don reports that she has posted historic photos from the Kingdom of Ansteorra dating to 1982 on the Barony's photo gallery website.

Battle fashion of medieval Scots not kilts

Lovers of the great kilt might be somewhat disturbed to learn that medieval Scottish soldiers dressed in war shirts dyed yellow with horse urine rather than the traditional kilt depicted in Mel Gibson's Braveheart. Simon Johnson of the Telegraph has the story.

July 24th

Mustard from the Lusty Monk

What does mustard have to do with lust? According to the Lusty Monk website, which sells handcrafted mustard, the condiment was sometimes banned from the diets of medieval monks because it sparked their carnal passions.

"This Merrie Companie" performance videos online

Monika reports that several video clips of a concert by the period vocal group This Merrie Companie are now available to view on YouTube.

Photos from Cynagua Summer 2009 Investiture online

Áine de Lacy reports that she has created an album of photos from the Principality of Cynagua Summer 2009 Investiture. The event took place in Harvest Hall, Modesto, California, July 11, 2009.

July 23rd

New Peers announced at WW

Viscountess Astrid of the Yellow Rose reports that there was much celebrating at the recent Warriors and Warlords event in the Kingdom of Northshield, at the announcement of the creation of two new Peers.

Northshield bardic videos online

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva reports that she has posted on YouTube several videos taken at Northshield event.

July 22nd

English crossroads site of Roman well

Archaeolgists have great hopes for a newly-discovered Roman well near Chester, England. The well, located at a crossroads, and several large rock quarries, was found during construction preparation for a Travelodge hotel.

Rowany Festival photos online

Baroness Kateryna Bouland de Lancastre reports that she has created several albums of photos from the spring 2009 Rowany Festival in the Kingdom of Lochac. The photos are posted on Flickr.

Evidence suggests Galileo may have discovered Neptune

Professor David Jamieson, Head of the School of Physics at the University of Melbourne, says examination of the notebooks of Galileo reveal that the Italian scientist probably discovered Neptune over 200 years before its officially-listed discovery date.

July 21st

Incan success at Machu Picchu may have been related to Medieval Warm Period

An article published in the "Climate of the Past Discussions", a discussion group of the European Geosciences Union, concludes that "a period of sustained aridity that began from AD 880, followed by increased warming from AD 1100 that lasted beyond the arrival of the Spanish in AD 1532" was partially responsible for the success of the Inca civilization during that period.

Duchess Arielle The Golden Passes Away

On The morning of Friday July 17th, Duchess Arielle The Golden (Courtney Hester) passed away in a Texas cancer center, after a nine year battle against breast cancer. She was a Duchess of Atlantia. Her husband, Duke Valharic, was at her side.

Two tapped for Peerages at AEthelmearc Court

THL Brandubh Ó Donnghaile, Silver Buccle Herald for the Kingdom of AEthelmearc, reports that at the Court of Their Majesties Maynard and Liadain in Their Barony of Saint Swithins Bog, two members of the populace were recognized as Peers in the SCA and invited to join the Orders of the Pelican and the Laurel.