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Photos from Barony of the Far West

Friar Jak, Seneschal for the Barony of the Far West, has created an album of photos featuring happenings in the Stronghold of Battle Rock (Okinawa, Japan). The photos are posted on Picasaweb.

"Ring-pull on a Coke can" really medieval treasure

18-year-old Conor Sandford of Kilmore, Ireland believed he was picking up a soda can ring from the hole on his father's farm. What he actually found was a 12th century silver ring, "very well-preserved, and it was relatively unworn." (photo)

3rd century skeletons surprise pond builders

Gardeners digging a pond near Mowmacre, England were surprised to find human remains beneath their shovels. The two skeletons have been dated to 3rd century Roman Britain, and were found along with bits of pottery.