Archive - Jun 25, 2009 - Story

Fish shortage drove medieval fishermen to sea

A new study by James Barrett from Cambridge University's McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, shows that around 1,000 C.E., medieval people were forced to begin fishing in the ocean due to a shortage of fresh water fish.

Lia de Thornegge's Photos from Double Wars in Drachenwald

Eirik Andersen, the Master of Two Ravens, reports that he has posted a large album of photos taken by Lia de Thornegge from the recent Double Wars event in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

Pennsic University class list online

Baroness Aldermoureis Ventzke, Pennsic University Chancellor, has announced that the class lists for Pennsic XXXVIII are now available to view or download online.

Needed: Pennsic Children's Fete Volunteers

Her Majesty Queen Esa of the Kingdom of Atlantia reports that volunteers are needed for the Atlantia-sponsored Children's Fete held each year at the Pennsic War.