Archive - Jun 21, 2009 - Story

Cynagua May 2009 Coronet Photos

Emma Westbrook has posted an album of photos taken at the recent May 2009 Coronet in the principality of Cynagua (Kingdom of the West) on her Flickr website.

Melee in Russia

Video clips of several battles of a live-steel re-enactment group from Russia have been posted on YouTube. The clips depict armored combatants and combat archers taking part in a melee battle.

Remembrance of things past: the Coronation of Finn and Cyf in Ansteorra

Ansteorran Kingdom Historian, Robert Fitzmorgan, has continued to share memories of historic happenings in celebration of the Kingdom's 30th anniversary. One such memory is an account of the 1980's Coronation of Finn and Cyf written by Jehana Wyverna.

East Kingdom Spring 2009 Crown Tourney photos and video online

Two albums of photos of the Spring 2009 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of the East taken by Cateline and Molly are now available to view online. Video of the event shot by Nest verch Tangwiste is also available.