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Estrella War Youth Center and School Tours Volunteers Needed

Estrella War XXVI needs volunteers to run the Youth Center and to lead School Tours at the war. These are positions that do not require the volunteers to attend pre-war planning meetings so long as the volunteers can maintain communication through e-mail or by telephone.

Photos from the creation of Ansteorra

A page on the Kingdom of Ansteorra History Wiki takes readers back to the first day of the new Kingdom, June 16, 1979, when King Theor of Atenveldt officially passed governance to King Jonathan DeLaufyson.

Largest Roman coin to be auctioned

The largest known silver Roman coin, dating to the 4th century C.E., will be auctioned in late May 2009 in the United States. The coin weighs 104.30 grams.(photo)

Pennsic Troll announces changes

Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy, Public Information Deputy for the Pennsic War 38, has announced a change in gate entry policy for this year's War.