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1st century Roman palace found in Romania

Romanian archaeologists are excited about the discovery of a Roman palace, dating to the time of Emperor Trajan, in the southwestern village of Zavoi. Experts believe that the structure was built during the first Dacian-Roman War of 101-102.

Court photos from Beltane 2009

Sir Anluan Trelaine reports that he has created an album of photos taken recently at the Beltane event in the Kingdom of the West.

Estrella War Equestrian

Reynier de Vriere, Estrella War XXVI Media Office Deputy, offers some information for those planning to take part in equestrian activities at next year's Estrella War.

No Children's Theatre at Pennsic 38

Mistress Rhonwen glyn Conwy and THL Tyzes "Zsof" Sofia have announced that there will be no Children's Theater at this year's Pennsic War.

May 30th

A thesis on period veils in the offing

Zebee Johnstone reports that she has nearly completed her thesis on medieval veils. An abstract of the work, in French and English, is available to review online.

Sara de Bonneville offered elevation to Laurel in An Tir

Mästarinna Ula Brennasdottir reports that at Their Court at the MayFaire event in the Barony of Glymm Mere, Their Royal Majesties Vik and Inga, of the Kingdom of An Tir, offered peerage to Sara de Bonneville of Blatha an Oir.

Conflict at the Fair photos online

Lady Brenna MacDonald shares an album of photos taken at the recent Conflict at the Faire event which was hosted by the Baronies of Stargate and Loch Soillier. The album has been posted on her SmugMug website.

Dragons invade Canada

Does the Canadian air suddenly seem a little bit more sparkly? Have residents caught a glimpse of an unusual burst of fire in the sky over Montreal? Perhaps it is because Mythic Beasts have invaded the Canadian Museum of Civilization!

May 29th

Public Service Announcement: Pennsic Proof of Membership

Patrick Anderson, President Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., addresses the issue of what constitutes a valid proof of SCA membership at the gate of Pennsic War XXXVIII in a "Public Service Announcement."

Colleagues of Calligraphy to host conference in Minnesota

Those interested in the scribal arts may want to plan to attend The Calligraphy Connection, "an international assembly of lettering artists" which will be held June 20-27, 2009 at Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota.

Volunteers needed for Pennsic War XXXVIII

Baroness Rosamund Beauvisage, Division of Interdepartmental Matters Deputy for Pennsic War XXXVIII, reports on an effort to encourage volunteerism at this year's War.

President's Report of the April 2009 Board of Directors Meeting

Patrick Anderson, President, SCA Inc., has submitted his report for the April 18, 2009 meeting of the Board of Directors of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

May 28th

Roman vicus sheds light on the last days of Roman Britain

Archaeologists working on a Roman settlement near Bowes, England have discovered a vicus, an unplanned settlement on the outskirts of the fort dating to the 2nd to 3rd centuries, which would have been home to hundreds of people.

Nigel and Adrielle New Heirs to Ealdormere Throne

Viscountess Kaellyn mac Dermott reports that the winner of the Spring 2009 Crown Tournament in the kingdom of Ealdormere was Sir Nigel MacFarland. Sir Nigel was inspired in his endeavor by Baroness Mistress Adrielle Kerrec.

Pennsic Independent Seeking Review Materials

The Reviews Department of the Pennsic Independent is seeking new SCA-related CDs, books, and other works of art for review in the Pennsic 38 volume of the Pennsic Independent.

William the Marshal: Flower of Chivalry event photos

Aiden and Cathus have each created an album of photos from the William the Marshal: Flower of Chivalry event in the kingdom of Calontir.

May 27th

CalonSound Project records voices of Calontir

Ever wish that you could revisit a special moment from a bardic circle or coronation feast?

Renaissance Dancers "bring the Elizabethan period to life"

Among the theatres of London's Southwark disrict roam the Renaissance Dancers, a group of amateur dress and costume enthusiasts dedicated to bringing the dances of Elizabethan England to life. An article for newsletter tells their story. (photo)

Haire Affaire of the Heart photos online

Shava reports that she has created an album of photos taken by Asli Macaran at the March 2009 Haire Affaire of the Heart in Falcon's Keep in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Viking shoe tutorial

The Instructables website has a page on how to make a pair of Viking shoes. The 24-step tutorial includes a template in PDF format.

May 26th

William and Onora new Heirs in Gleann Abhann

Eduin le Younghe reports that William fitzHugh de Cambria was the victor in the May 16, 2009 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann. William was inspired by Onora.

Yarl Cedric Rolfsson victor of An Tir Spring 2009 Crown Tourney

Baroness Elspeth reports that Yarl Cedric Rolfsson defeated Duke Davin in the finals of the May 16, 2009 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of An Tir.

Medieval conference marks Cambridge University's 800th anniversary

Knowledge and Learning in the Middle Ages: A Conference Celebrating the 800th Anniversary of the University of Cambridge is the title of the one-day conference hosted by the Magdalene Society of Medievalists. registration is now open for the June 13, 2009 conference.

Free early music sampler online

Fans of early music will be glad to know that has a FREE MP3 download of the album Very Best of Naxos Early Music.

May 25th

Sigifrith Hauknefr knighted in the West

Duchess Kara Baraksdottir reports that Sigifrith Hauknefr was elevated to the Order of the Chivalry at the recent 2009 Beltane event in the Kingdom of the West.

Stefan's Florilegium files for May 2009

THLord Stefan li Rous offers updates to stefan's Florilegium for May 2009.

Murder of Thomas a Becket subject of medieval Spanish paintings

An important link between the joined histories of England and Spain remains covered by wooden panels in a ruined church in Soria, Spain. The panels depict the murder of St. Thomas a Becket, an act that sat heavily on the shoulders of king Henry II of England. (photo)

Avalon brings armored combat to Tokyo

Historical Japan isn't just about elegant tea ceremonies or graceful cherry blossoms. Sometimes it's about 15th century sword fighting. Members of Avalon, a sister organization of the SCA, teach the martial art at Mejiro’s Castle Tintagel, a European medieval martial arts training center in Tokyo. Patrick W Galbraith of Japan Today has the story.

May 24th

Bardolph and Dag meet in finals of Middle Kingdom Crown Tourney

The finals for the May 24 Middle Kingdom Crown Tournament began on a financial note: “I have a tip, Your Grace,” Duke Bardolph cried across the list to his opponent, Duke Dag Thorgrimsson. “So do I,” Dag responded. “Stay out of the stock market right now.”

Roman road being destroyed by 4x4s

The last remnants of a Roman road from Wandlebury to Horseheath, England are being destroyed by trail bikers and 4x4 drivers who using it as a race track.