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April 20th

Rediscovered "Siege of Boulogne" drawing to be displayed at British Library

A huge drawing of Henry VIII"S 1544 Siege of Boulogne, once mislabeled and believed lost, will go on display at the British library as part of an exhibition entitled Henry VIII: Man and Monarch.

Medieval design could be eco-house of the future

Engineers and architects at Cambridge University have constructed a prototype "eco-house" based on a 600-year-old design. The plan uses a domed technique developed in Spain called "timbrel vaulting" which retains the sun's heat and cools naturally in the summer. (photo)

April 19th

Today in the Middle Ages: April 19, 1012

Ælfheah, Archbishop of Canterbury, was martyred on April 19, 1012 in Greenwich, England.

Armor of Henry VIII on display

An exhibit of the armor of King Henry VIII is being displayed at the Tower of London until January, 2010. In commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Tudor king's ascension to the throne of England, the exhibit will include a full suit of armor from 1544 only recently identified as Henry's. The article includes a 3-minute demonstration with replica armor of how the suit was worn. (video)

Late Roman village discovered in Austria

The remains of a village, dating to late Roman times, have been discovered at the site of a proposed retirement home in Salzburg, Austria. Archaeologists believe it is the "largest find from that period of history in Salzburg to date."

Aurora's Feast photos

Adriana has posted photos from the recent Aurora's Feast event which took place in the Barony of Ered Sul, Kingdom of Atenveldt, on her Photobucket website.

April 18th

Gleann Abhann men knighted, vigiled at Gulf Wars

Their Excellencies Ifor and Morgana, Baron and Baroness of Axemoor in the Kingdom of Gelann Abhann, report that Jon the Tall was elevated to the order of the Chivalry on the battlefield at the recent Gulf Wars.

Roman pollution reaches Iceland

A new study, which appeared in the April 2009 issue of the journal Science of the Total Environment shows that air pollution from 1st and 2nd century Roman mining and metalworking operations has shown up in an Icelandic salt marsh.

Ealdormere event photos online

Eirik Andersen reports that he has posted two albums of photos from recent events in the Kingdom of Ealdormere on the Two ravens website.

April 17th

Albrecht Von Salzburg knighted at Gulf Wars

HL Damien MacGavin reports that on the battlefield at Gulf Wars, Their Majesties of the Kingdom of Calontir chose to offer Knighthood to HL Albrecht Von Salzburg.

School teaches late Middle Ages jousting

Knight School, a division of Historic Enterprises, is offering hands-on instruction in equestrian combat at regularly scheduled jousting classes. The classes offer school-provided horses but also welcome riders who have their own.

Atenveldt March 2009 Crown Tourney photos online

Mistress Ari shares photos from the March 2009 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Atenveldt on her Photobucket website.

April 16th

Interpretive dance in Ered Sul

Life must be exciting in the Barony of erd Sul, Kingdom of Atenveldt, if one may judge by a video of Baron Christopher Fitzarthur performing an interpretive dance "of a young warrior putting on his armor, forgetting his pants, trying to get on a horse, and finally getting to the battle." Posted on YouTube.

Historic photo proves early equestrian participation

Those who believe that equestrian activities are new in the Society for Creative Anachronism, will want to pay a visit to the The History of the Kingdom of The West: The First Coronation and Crown Tournament website and view the photo of Henrik of Havn.

Caelin on Andrede's Gulf Wars photos

Caelin on Andrede has posted his photos from the recent Gulf Wars XVIII on his Flickr website. The six albums of pictures are divided by days at the event.

April 15th

Acamedia della Danza 2009 photos

Margaret de Mey shares photos taken at the recent Acamedia della Danza in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

"History gets a do-over" in Atlantia

Baron Maximilian Von Halstern, Warlord of Ponte Alto and Tribune of the Northern Army of Atlantia, served as "ambassador" to a reporter from FIOS1 TV, the Verizon FIOS cable TV channel for Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. The result is a 5-minute broadcast covering SCA fighting techniques posted on YouTube.

Today in the Middle Ages: April 15, 1489

Ottoman architect Koca Mi’mar Sinan Aga , usually referred to as Sinan, was born on April 15, 1489. His innovative approach was to transform the Ottoman civic and religious architecture of the Ottoman classical period.

April 14th

Letters and papers of Henry VIII online

British History Online has posted the letters and papers of Henry VIII from the beginning of the king's reign in 1509 until January 1547. The website includes daily journal and calendar entries.

Matthius Bane knighted in An Tir

Mästarinna Ula Brennasdottir, Head of Retinue to Their Royal Majesties Vik and Inga of the Kingdom of An Tir, reports that Matthius Bane was recently offered entry into the Order of the Chivalry.

Website maps Indo-European languages

Those interested in the evolution of languages will want to visit The University of Texas at Austin's Linguistics Research Center's website, where they may view extensive research on the evolution of Indo-European languages. The site includes timelines and maps to help understand the development of a number of languages.

April 13th

Giovanni and Lucia to be new Baron and Baroness of Skraeling Althing

THLady Kersteken Janzdochtere, Acting Skraeling Althing Baronial Seneschal, has announced that Lord Giovanni d'Enzinas and Lady Lucia d'Enzinas will be the next Baron and Baroness of the Barony. The announcement was made March 28, 2009 by Their Majesties Etain and Valfreya at Break the Back of Winter.

Dream exhibit at the Folger Library

The dreamworld was a popular subject for medieval and renaissance people. Now a new exhibit at Washington D.C. Folger Library looks at the world of sleep and dreams through the eyes of William Shakespeare and others. Philip Kennicott of the Washington Post has a review.

Martial activities at Pennsic 38

Their Highnesses EikBrandr and Runa of the Kingdom of the Middle have announced the battle schedule for the upcoming Pennsic War XXXVIII.

April 12th

The Knights Templar mystery linked to the Shroud of Turin

Two of the great mysteries of the Middle Ages were linked recently when the Vatican announced that the renowned Shroud of Turin was hidden for over 100 years after the Crusades by the Knights Templar. (video)

Minas Tirith... in all its crunchy goodness

In the category of having too much time on your hands comes this story from the Miss(ed) Manners blog: Dave and his brothers have created a scale model of the Battle of Pelennor Fields from The Lord of the Rings in candy!

Alden and Constantina: Heirs to the West

Megan reports that, at the March 21, 2009 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of the West, Duke Alden of Wolverton defeated Duke Connor to become Heir to the Throne of the West.

April 11th

SCA members make ready for Santiago Pilgrimage

Medieval re-enactment is afoot in Drachenwald in the form of a plan to take part in the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela "using as medieval gear as possible," an endeavor in the footsteps of thousands of medieval pilgrims.

Tournament of the Nerf

You've heard all the warnings from your mother: "Don't hit your brothers with a stick!" "Stop swinging that sword around in the house." Well, now you can! Nerf has created the N-Force sword: sturdy enough to be fun, but harmless enough to not do any real damage. ARS Technica has a review.

April 10th

Ritchyrd McUath elevated to Pelican in Atenveldt

At the recent Mixed Weapons War 2009, Their Majesties of the Kingdom of Atenveldt elevated Ritchyrd McUath to the Order of the Pelican.