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To Canterbury they wende...

Just when we thought the SCA was irrelevant to the modern world, a trio of rappers brings us the Canterbury Tales Rap. Watch it on YouTube.

Einar and Maerwynn New Baron and Baroness of Brendoken

On Saturday, February 21, Their Highnesses Eikbrandr and Runa, acting in regency for Their Royal Majesties Ullr and AnneLyse, invested Sergeant Einar Blakklar and Lady Maerwynn of Warwick as the new Baron and Baroness of Brendoken, located in the North Oaken region of the Middle Kingdom.'s Milica and Justin offer their photo albums from the event.

From the Board of Directors - Financial Announcement

Patrick Anderson, President of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., discusses the steps taken by the Board of Directors of the SCA, Inc. to deal with the modern world economic down turn.

Folding chairs in history has created a website dedicated to the history of the folding chair from ancient times through the Renaissance. The website includes illustrations.