Archive - Feb 21, 2009 - Story

Midrealm 12th Night photos online

Demetrious the Undecided has posted an album of photos taken at the recent 12th Night event in Chicago on his Photobucket website.

SCAdian is "lyrical rocker"

Shava of Northshield reports that SCA member Thora Hrafnsteinn Ornolfsdottir, known in the modern world as Andrea Potts, has produced an album of "original alternative lyrical rock."

Manx language enjoys revival

Manx Gaelic, an off-shoot of Old Irish, thought to have died out in the 19th century, is being revived thanks to the efforts of Manx scholar Jennifer Kewley Draskau, who has published "Practical Manx, a guide to the grammar and morphology of the language."