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Benedictine nuns victims of Black Death

The remains of several Benedictine nuns from the Sainte-Croix Abbey near Poitiers, France have shown evidence that the sisters died of the plague, probably while caring for other victims of the disease. Their deaths have been dated to the early 17th century.

Combat archery website

Her Grace Tessa the Huntress has created a new website to collect information on combat archery. Tessa is looking for suggestions for content for the page.

Interbaronial 12th Night photos online

Tannis reports that photos from the recent Interbaronial 12th Night in the Kingdom of Atlantia (Barony of Tir-y-Don) are now available to view online.

Medieval Facebook

Researchers working with land documents dating to the 13th century have discovered Facebook-like social networks that tied together ten villages in southwest France.