Archive - Apr 5, 2008 - Story

Benjamin Maurice Jacobson born in Caid

Eilidh Swann reports that Benjamin Maurice Jacobson was born March 16, 2008 to Lady Caterina and Don Lot in the Kingdom of Caid.

Gulf Wars rapier battle "streaked" by Stag Man

According to the blurb for the YouTube video of the event, "Its not a true sport until you have a streaker."

Barony of Ered Sul Welcomes New Baron & Baroness

On Saturday, March 8, 2008, the Barony of Ered Sul in Atenveldt bid goodbye to Baron Gunnar and Baroness Seuinn and welcomed in their new Baron and Baroness, Christopher and Miana.

"The Quest" follows journey of the Templars

The Quest, a Classic Media Group production, follows the journey of the Knights Templar through Europe by studying the work of archaeologists, anthropologists and historians.