Archive - Feb 9, 2008 - Story

Black Plague selective killer

A new study of nearly 500 skeletons in a London plague cemetery proves that many of the victims had weaker immune systems when they died than normal, leading experts to believe that most who succumbed were old, sick or poor.

Shire of Dreibrucken becomes full status group

Meistari Katriona, Seneschal of the Kingdom of Northshield, has announced that the Shire of Dreibrucken (Bismarck, North Dakota), has achieved full status in the Society for Creative Anachonism.

Christian Fournier elevated to Laurel in Midrealm

Kevin O'Shaughnessy reports that Christian Fournier, of the Middle Kingdom, has been elevated to the Order of the Laurel "for his studies and practice of period German wrestling, as well as support of period combat studies in general."

Viking Age research CD-ROM to be available in April

Dan Carlson of the Viking History website has announced that a new research CD-ROM dealing with Viking Age crafts, such as bone and antler objects, will be available in April.