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February 29th

Time Team finds ancient gate

The BBC's Time Team believe they have discovered the 'Great Gate' of Langthorne Abbey in West Ham, England. The Abbey itself may lie beneath rail lines.

West Kingdom's 12th Night Photos

Aine deLacey shares an album of photographs from the West Kingdom's Twelfth Night celebration.

Shakespeare meets Don McLean

Set down your beverage and celebrate Leap Day by answering the musical question, "What would you get if you crossed William Shakespeare and Don McLean?"

SCA hinders mead's popularity, according to Slate article

Nicholas Day of Slate online magazine discusses the renewed popularity of mead among foodies and others interested in unusual alcoholic beverages, linking it to the current interest in bees and honey. The article quotes mead-maker David Myers who feels that the drink's popularity within the SCA is detrimental to increasing mead's commercial sales.

February 28th

Korean national treasure destroyed by fire

Police in Seoul, Korea believe arson was responsible for the destruction of a 600-year-old gate considered to be Korea's most important national treasure.

Drachenwald Nordmark University IV Photos online

Lia de Thornegge reports that she posted her pictures and "a bit of lovely choral singing" video from the recent Nordmark University event in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

February 27th


Questioning the relevance of your hobby to the real world? Then this comic from XKCD will give you a chuckle.

Viking women had sex appeal

Recent discoveries in a 10th century gravesite in the Russian town of Pskov, Novgorod lead researchers to believe that Viking women dressed more provocatively than previously believed. New research may show that women's garments were open at the front, revealing an underdress with a train in the back.

Patrick Stewart stars in modern Macbeth

A "good and nasty interpretation of Macbeth" starring Patrick Stewart is being performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music through March 22, 2008. Ben Brantley of the New York Times has a review.

Ealdormere Kingdom A&S photos online

THL Eirik Andersen has posted an album of photos from the recent Kingdom A&S event in the Kingdom of Ealdormere on the Two Ravens website.

February 26th

Arab scientists filled Dark Ages with light

Writing for The Guardian, Jim Al-Khalili sheds light on the contributions of Arab scientists in the Middle Ages.

Aviculture Classes Announced for BBM EKU

Lady Biya, guildmistress of the Company of Medieval Aviculturists, is pleased to announce she will be teaching three classes this year's East Kingdom University at Barony Beyond the Mountain on April 5th.

January Calon Scrolls: Home and Family Life

The January '08 issue of the Calon Scrolls, which is Calontir's quarterly online Arts and Sciences newsletter, is now available for your enjoyment.

Cynaguan Winter Investiture Photos

Lady Aine DeLacey shares her photos from the Cynaguan Winter Investiture, in the West Kingdom.

February 25th

SCA Barbie

The Shire of Ravensweir in An Tir has posted a brilliant "advertisement" for SCA Barbie, a doll who comes with a variety of accessories, friends and equipment.

Domesday Book online

For the first time, those wishing to do research on medieval England online will have access to one of the best resources, William the Conqueror's Domesday Book.

Ansteorra Candlemas photos online

Caelin on Andrede has posted photos from the recent Candlemas 2008 event on Flickr.

February 24th

Pictish stone carvings cleaned up

High-tech laser technology has been used to record and conserve one of the finest collections of Pictish carved stones in Scotland.

Discovered Roman settlement will not stop modern cemetery plans

The recent discovery of a Roman settlement near Lincoln, England, will not hold up plans for the creation of a modern cemetery. Archaeologists believe that the settlement dates from between the 2nd and 4th centuries.

Crafting a Viking cloak pin

The Instructables website includes a tutorial on how to make a Viking pennannular brooch.

February 23rd

"Vortigern Studies" website concentrates on early British history

Robert Vermaat has created a website called Vortigern Studies which is "dedicated to the study of the period between the Roman occupation of Britain and the Early Middle Ages."

Barony of Stormhold's Surveying Weekend photos online

Gwynfor Lwyd has posted photos from the Barony of Stormhold's Surveying Weekend in the Kingdom of Lochac.

February 22nd

Dinner: Impossible features Medieval Mayhem

Chef Robert Irvine's cooking series Dinner: Impossible will feature an episode filmed at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

Metal detectors dispute discovery of 14th century seal

Two metal detector enthusiasts are laying claim to discovery of a 13th or 14th century seal depicting the murder of Thomas Becket. The seal was found in a North Yorkshire field.

Viking Resources for the Re-enactor

Looking for information on Viking clothing, textiles, cooking, etc.? Thora Sharptooth has created a website entitled Viking Resources for the Re-enactor which deals with these subjects and more.

Tournaments Illuminated editor offline temporarily

Patrick Anderson, President of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., has announced that the Editor of Tournaments Illuminated will be temporarily offline due to the recent Nevada earthquake.

Victors at Estrella War can make Populace Pennants!!

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan offers Her final informational post for Estrella War XXIV with the announcement of the victors and their rights to make and display pennants.

February 21st

Atlantia 12th Night photos online

Signora Ginevra Isabetta del Dolce shares photos from the recent 12th Night celebration in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Medieval Masquerade features games and dances

The Independent Florida Gator reports from the third annual Medieval Masquerade in Gainesville.

Mary Rose gets high-tech scan

Scientists at England's Diamond synchrotron are using intense light beams to help understand sulphur compounds in the timbers of the British warship Mary Rose.