Archive - Dec 11, 2008 - Story

Viking Society offers publications online

The Viking Society for Northern Research has digitized most of its back issues of publication beginning in 1895 and made them available for free on its wensite.

Estrella War XXV: upcoming deadlines

Dame Anita de Challis, SCA Internal Publicity Deputy for Estrella War XXV, would remind all attendees of the upcoming War that a number of deadlines are fast approaching.

Gabrielle d'Auvergne elevated to Laurel in AEthelmearc

At Their Court November 15, 2008 at Have Fun Storming the Castle in the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael, Their Majesties Christopher and Morgen elevated THLady Gabrielle d'Auvergne to the Order of the Laurel.

2nd century bronze chariot found in Bulgaria

A bronze-plated, elaborately-decorated chariot dating to the 2nd century was found recently at an ancient Thracian tomb in southeastern Bulgaria. Experts believe the vehicle was buried as part of the belongings of a wealthy Thracian aristocrat.

A Message from the Dragon and Tyger Heirs about Pennsic

Their Highnesses Andreas and EikBrandr of the East and Middle Kingdoms have issued an announcement pertaining to Pennsic War 38 which will take place July 24 – August 9, 2009.