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Myths about volunteering at Estrella

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, SCA Internal Media/Website Content Coordinator, debunks myths about what it takes to volunteer at Estrella War.

Eduard & Asa New Heirs in Atenveldt

Count Sir Eduard Gostomski and Duchess Asa Hrafnsdottir are the new heirs to the thrones of Atenveldt.

Gay civil unions may have 600-year precedent

In an upcoming article for The Journal of Modern History Allan A. Tulchin cites the study of documents and grave sites as evidence for homosexual civil unions in 15th century France.

Master William Blackfox Award Winners for AS 41

Outgoing Society Chronicler Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton has announced the Master William Blackfox Award winners for AS 41.