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Pictures from the Outlands Fall Crown Tourney 2007

A photo album captures the memories from the Outlands Crown Tournament, wherein Lord Alrik Boleslavson, fighting for the honor of Lady Slaine, defeated Duke Olaf in the final round.

Ancient Roman map available online

The Peutingerian Map, thought to be the oldest surviving road map in the world, is now available for study on the Internet through collaboration between the Austrian National Library and Christos Nüssli of

Glory Wars photos online

Antonio Felluci has posted an album of photos from the recent Glory Wars in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Ar n-Eilean-ne celebrates 20th anniversary

Duchess Marieke van de Dal of the East Kingdom reports on the recent 20th anniversary celebration for the Shire of Ar n-Eilean-ne (St. John's, Newfoundland).