Archive - Sep 21, 2007 - Story

Ducal Prize photos online

Aine DeLacey has posted photos from the recent Ducal Prize Tournament in the West Kingdom. Topics include "Wet Wenching" and "drag races."

Genghis Khan enforced ban on gay lifestyle

Chinese experts at the Research Institute of Ancient Mongolian Laws and Sociology in Inner Mongolia have determined that Genghis Khan's code of laws may have contained the earliest recorded ban on homosexuality.

A New Pelican is made in Meridies

As the beams from heaven shone upon the regal crowns of Meridies, Master Alexander Ravenscroft opened court for TRM Boru and Deirdre, summoning the Order of the Pelican and the populace of Meridies to gather for the elevation of THLady Aislinn Chaomhanach the morning of September 8, 2007.

Harvest War 2007 photos online

Aurora de Portugal reports that Lord Holbiorn has posted photos from the recent Harvest War 2007 in the Kingdom of Artemisia.

Fire destroys "Lost Colony" costumes

A fire recently destroyed the section of the Waterside Theatre in Roanoke Island, North Carolina which housed historic costumes in the Irene Rains Costume Shop. Most of the costumes for Paul Green's play, the Lost Colony, were destroyed.