Archive - Sep 15, 2007 - Story

12th century ship to be salvaged in China

Work is underway to hoist a ship from the Song Dynasty (1127-1279) from the South China Sea in October 2007. The largest Song Dynasty cargo ship ever discovered, researchers expect to find between 60,000 and 80,000 artifacts on board.

Rhaglan Faire photos

Lady Ana Beig de Roslyn shares photos from Drachenwald's recent Rhaglan Faire.

Timbuktu treasures continue to dazzle experts

The recent discovery of ancient books stored for centuries in leather trunks beneath the dry streets of Timbuktu has many scholars excited. A project to collect many of the books into a world class resource library is now being funded by contributions from around the world.

Caribbee photos online

Lord Collwyn O'Snowdon of the Shire of Gates Edge has published a photo album from Caribbee, a recent event in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, on the Timeless Photography website.