Archive - Jul 25, 2007 - Story

Leave no rubbish behind!

Raven, the East Kingdom Waterbearer-in-Charge, begs a "small boon" of the good people of the SCA: Please pick up after yourselves!

Sylvan Glen draws crowds in West Virginia park

“It’s one of the few hobbies where we try to portray honor, chivalry, kindness and patience,” said Nancy Smith of the recent Ren Faire at the Poor house Farm Park in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Jillian E. Kesner of the Journal has the story.

Highlands War XIII has been cancelled

THL Jerusha a'Laon reports that due to the flash flooding and severe weather conditions in and around the site area of Ash Fork Arizona, Highlands War XIII has been cancelled.

Youth Arts and Sciences Exhibition at Pennsic XXXVI

Mistress Safia would remind everyone that the Pennsic Second Annual Youth Arts and Sciences Exhibition will take place August 7, 2007 at Youth Point.

Challenge of the Heart photos

Kiri has posted photos from the recent Challenge of the Heart even in the Kingdom of Atlantia.