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Pictures from ARRG VI: Why, The Rum's Gone

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva shares memories and photos from the recent Northshield event ARRG VI: Why, The Rum's Gone.

Return of the Duct Tape Princesses!

They're back! This year's entries in the Stuck at the Prom duct tape prom-wear contest are now online.

"Armored Horse" at the Met

"The Armored Horse in Europe, 1480–1620," a special exhibit at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, displays the many styles of horse armor popular in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Viking Longship to Sail North Sea

The Sea Stallion of Glendalough, the "world's biggest and most ambitious Viking ship reconstruction," which is "modeled after a 950 year old warship excavated in 1962 from the Roskilde Fjord," will set sail on July 1 from Roskilde, Denmark on its voyage to Dublin, Ireland, a city whose founding is attributed to 9th century Vikings.

Outlands Kingdom A&S photos

Kieran Blake, Webminister for the Kingdom of the Outlands, has posted photos taken by Mistress Margeurite of the recent Kingdom A&S Championships.