Archive - Jun 3, 2007 - Story

New Estrella War website is now live

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, SCA Internal Media/Website Content Coordinator for Estrella War XXIV, has announced the completion of the new Estrella website.

Building the perfect castle

House plans for people who have everything, or at least for dreamers! Ultra Luxury Custom Homes, Villas and Estates by design offers a catalog of castles and mansions. (drawings)

Chinese historical maps online

Liu Xiao Mei Furen shares the discovery of online versions of several Chinese maps including one which shows the locations of places discussed in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Yurts invade Canada

The Muhlberger's Early History website has a story about how yurts are now being manufactured and sold throughout Canada as cheap housing. (Photo)

Medieval Reenactors: Livonia vs Russia

A set of photos from a reenactment of the 1242 Chudskoe Lake battle in Pskov, Russia is available online.