Archive - May 26, 2007 - Story

New member in Ma'ale Giborim

Zachary and Devora Kessin (Yehoshua ben Hayyim and Giovona Lupperelli in the SCA) of Ma'ale Giborim in the Kingdom of Drachenwald, have announced the birth of Natanel Simcha Kessin (SCA: Netenel ben Yehosha).

Sacred books on display in London

Visit Sacred: Discover what we share, an exhibit of sacred texts, is on display at the Pearson Gallery of the British Library. The exhibit runs through September 23, 2007. (Digital books online)

Atlantic shipwreck richest ever

Deep sea salvagers from Tampa-based Odyssey Marine Exploration may have retrieved the "richest sunken treasure ever discovered: hundreds of thousands of colonial-era silver and gold coins worth an estimated US$500 million from a shipwreck in the Atlantic Ocean."

Massachusetts castle for sale

Residents of the East Kingdom may be pooling their paychecks in expectation of purchase of the Searles Castle in the Berkshires. Asking price? A cool US$15 million!

Archery at Pennsic XXXVI

Dirk Edward of Frisia, Northern Oaken Regional Archery Marshal, discusses changes to archery at this year's War.

Osteological measurement database online

The Museum of London's Centre for Human Bioarchaeology hosts a database of osteological measurements from human remains during the medieval and post-medieval periods.