Archive - Apr 25, 2007 - Story

West Kingdom Crown Tourney photos online

Lady Esmeralda of the Lakes has once again created a wonderful album of SCA photos, this time from the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of the West.

"Knights of the Little Woods"

The state of Maryland has a 200-year tradition of ring jousting, where riders compete to snare a small ring with a lance made of wood, but the sport has largely died out. Now ring jousting is making a comeback. Mary Battiata of the Washington Post has the story.

Fencing sharpens mathematics skills

Sports psychologists believe that fencing can actually improve math skills, perhaps because it improves a perception of geometric shapes.

Exhibit on New World maps now on display at the Chrysler

"Envisioning Virginia 1587-1784: Early Maps of the New World" will be on display at the Chrysler Museum of Art, in Norfolk, Virginia, through August 12.