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Pennsic Chirurgeonate Concerns

Jason Williams, Chairman, SCA Inc., addresses concerns about the closing of Chirurgeon's Point at Pennsic XXXV.

Medieval Law Saddles Queen with Rat-Infested House

Residents of Manchester, England have declared Her Majesty owner of of an abandoned and vandalized house thanks to a 607-year-old law that turns over ownership of abandoned buildings to the Crown.

Lords & Ladies, Welcome Aboard the Floating Ren Faire!

For those who want the Middle Ages with all the comforts of a cruise: Mirth & Merriment Aboard The Carnival Miracle!

Today in the Middle Ages: August 31, 1057

Leofric, Earl of Mercia and the husband of Lady Godiva, died on August 31, 1057.

Flight of the Falcon II Photos Online

Antonio Felluci has posted photos from Flight of The Falcon II, an event in the Kingdom of Atlantia that emphasized classes for newcomers.

August 30th

Round Table Building Discovered at Windsor Castle

Channel 4's Time Team may have discovered evidence of the existence of the original round table at Windsor Castle. The team has found some evidence of a round structure built by Edward III constructed to house the table and the original 300 Knights of the Garter.

Vellum & Parchment Makers' List Created

Sir Aengus MacBain of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc has created a discussion list for parchment and vellum makers

Today in the Middle Ages: August 30, 1125

Lothair of Supplinburg, Duke of Saxony, was elected King of Germany on August 30, 1125. He would later become Holy Roman Emperor Lothair III.

Drachenwald Establishes Shire in Romania

Arnulf der Zeilner, Kingdom Chatelain for the Kingdom of Drachenwald, has announced that the Incipient Shire of Corvinia has been established in Romania.

August 29th

Fashions for the Well-Dressed Reenactor

Steve Tarter of the Peoria, Illinois Journal Star "went medieval" when he visted with Valerie Lilley of Sofi's Stitches to discuss the meaning of "dressing for success" medieval style.

Photos from Purgatorio

Ysabella Dolfin, Autocrat for the West Kingdom's Purgatorio event, has posted photos from the day.

Today in the Middle Ages: August 29, 1475

Edward IV of England invaded France on August 29, 1475, a few years after eliminating Lancastrian resistance at the Battle of Tewkesbury.

Blood Spilled During Australian Demo

A medieval educational demo for elementary school students in Brisbane, Australia turned bloody when one of the re-enactors was slightly injured by a rapier blade.

August 28th

Today in the Middle Ages: August 28, 1549

On August 28, 1549, the Baron d'Aguerre and the Lord of Fendilles fought a duel with bastard swords after quarreling in the King's chamber.

World's Oldest Condom Found

Archaeologists have discovered the world's oldest surviving condom in Lund, Sweden. The artifact dates to 1640 and is made of pig's intestine.

Justin's photos from Pennsic War 35 Publisher Iustinos Tekton presents his photos from Pennsic War XXXV (2006).

August 27th

Iron Rosebuds Discussion List Created

THL Grian Ruadh ingen Aed, Matriarch of House Ironrose, has announced the establishment of a new list for participants in Youth Combat called Iron Rosebuds.

Today in the Middle Ages: August 27, 1172

Marguerite, wife of Henry Plantagenet "the Young King", was crowned Queen of England on August 27, 1172, two years after her husband was crowned during his father Henry II's lifetime.

New Peers Made at Pennsic

The Pennsic Independent reported on a number of peerages offered and accepted at this year's Pennsic War.

August 26th

Possible Benedictine Guesthouse Found Under Pub

Archaeologists believe they have unearthed a medieval Benedictine hostelry beneath a pub near Byland Abbey near Coxwold.

King and Queen of the Acadiana Medieval Faire Announced

The Acadiana Medieval Faire (Lafayette, Louisiana) is pleased to announce the selection of its King and Queen for the 2007 season. Portraying 14th century English monarch Edward III will be Wade Heaton. Dionne Charlet will be portraying his wife, Queen Phillippa.

New Montana Shire Hosts "Whipping Winds"

Williamson Park in Shelby, Montana heard the sound of sword on metal recently when the Shire of Windegate hosted Whipping Winds III, an event that included armored combat, classes and archery. Terrell Cotterell of the Promoter covered the story.

August 25th

Darwin Awards Author at Pennsic

Wendy Northcutt, author of the Darwin Award books, attended Pennsic 35 and collected a few SCA stories for future volumes.

Oldest North American Settlement Found - Quebec City

The Government of Quebec is to spend CDN$8 million on excavating a site believed to be the site of a fort built by Jacques Cartier built during his third and final voyage to the French colony.

Medieval Punishments "Sensible and Humane"

Think you know everything about the cruelty of medieval justice? An article by Heather Whipps of LiveScience may surprise you. A new view is that justice in the Middle Ages was quite progressive.

Eirik Andersen's Pennsic War 35 Opening Ceremonies Photos

Eirik Andersen has posted the first of his Pennsic 35 photo albums: Opening Ceremonies.

August 24th

Woad may have modern use in cancer-busting drugs

The medieval Scottish rebels made famous in the movie Braveheart used dye from the woad plant to paint their faces blue for battle. Now Italian biochemists say this plant could become a promising weapon in the fight against cancer.

Fantasy "Dane's Head" league seeks interested parties

A SCAdian is organizing a "fantasy football [American]" league for those interested in the modern version of period bloodsport.

Today in the Middle Ages: August 24, 410 C.E.

On August 24, 410, King Alaric the Goth sacked Rome. This event is sometimes regarded as the beginning of the Middle Ages.

Liam St. Liam's Pennsic 35 Photos Online

Pennsic Independent photographer Liam St. Liam has posted an album of photos taken at Pennsic 35.