Archive - Jun 6, 2006 - Story

Re-enactors Turn Brimfield, Illinois into "Olde English" Village

Various re-enactment groups will converge of Jubilee College in Brimfield, Illinois June 17-18, 2006 for Olde English Faire. Those participating include the Society for Creative Anachronism, the Order of St. Sebastian, the Knights of the Silver Sword and Shattock Schoole of Defense.

Today in the Middle Ages: June 6, 1178

On June 6, 1178, a group of monks in Canterbury reported seeing "two hours of light" on the shadowed part of the moon.

Lest London Fall

The stone which legend says was placed in London by Brutus the Trojan has a new protector: Chris Cheek, the manager of a sporting goods shop.

Sapphire Joust Photos Online

Lord Skorri from the Kingdom of Atlantia has posted photos from the recent Sapphire Joust event.