Archive - Dec 6, 2006 - Story

Burial Site Discovery Pushes Back Date of Christianity in Britain

A Christian grave discovered near St-Martin-in-the-Fields Church, London, indicates that Christianity may have come to Albion much earlier than previously supposed.

Estrella War XXIII Early Arrival Regulations

Maestro Diego de Marulanda al Nadil, Miastreas Deborah Inis Glas, and Mistress Alexandra de Le Mer Vert, autocrats for Estrella War XXIII, have announced that early entry to the War site will be limited to those authorized by their volunteer department heads.

Curse Tablet Expands Knowledge of Roman Britain

Archaelogists from the University of Leicester have found a fragment of lead that greatly adds to their knowledge of the city's Roman past. The "curse tablet" bears a list of 18 names; until now, only a few names of Roman residents of the city were known.