Archive - Nov 27, 2006 - Story

Photos from Le Pas D'Armes de L'Arbre D'Or

Baroness Adriana la Bretonne of the Kingdom of Atlantia reports that photos from Le Pas D'Armes de L'Arbre D'Or are now available to view online.

Sir Edward the Red to Become Pelican

At the recent Day of the Troubadours in the Kingdom of Ealdormere, Sir Edward the Red was asked to enter the Order of the Pelican.

Pennsic Site Fees Increased

Due to the rise in Pennsylvania's minimum wage, the Coopers have been forced to increase the gate fee for Pennsic 36. Adult member fees (without pre-registration) will be increased to $130 for those attending both weeks.

Virtual Armoring Exhibitions Online

The Higgins Armory Museum and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute have created a series of virtual exhibitions dealing with the martial arts in Medieval and Renaissance Europe with an emphasis on armor and fighting techniques.