Archive - Jul 13, 2005 - Story

Training Daze is Cancelled

Lord Hjalmar Brandenburg has announced that the Training Daze event, which was to be held July 16, 2005 in the Canton of Caer Draeth, (Cookstown, Ontario), has been cancelled.

Armorgeddon 15 Postponed

Lachlan Macdougal Autocrat for Armorgeddon 15 in the Kingdom of Northshield, has announced that the event has been postponed until September 2006.

And now for something completely different...

Dame Aoife, ever the eclectic, graces us this week with a list of links that didn't fit into any of her multitude of catalogs, but are intersting nonetheless. Here are the odds and ends, for your edification.

Riding the Carousel

Lady Miriam von Schwarzwald of the Barony of Forgotten Sea, reports on her visit to Calontir's recent Carousel event. In addition, Annalies Grossmund adds some thoughts on the same event.