Archive - 2003 - Story

March 20th

Newcastle Tube Riders Given Latin Lessons

Metro station signs in Newcastle, England are being translated into Latin in a bid to boost tourism.

Web Site Offers Detailed Persona Research Articles

A new web site, "Down to the Day", offers help to those who wish to research their Middle Ages persona in great detail.

HavenHolde Alliance Incorporates, In Quest for Permanent SCA Land

The HavenHolde Alliance, a group proposing to create a nonprofit, permanent site for an SCA-friendly village, is now officially incorporated as the HavenHolde Alliance in the state of West Virginia.

Saxon Settlement Found Under Chocolate Factory

A medieval best buckle, discovered when workers tore down an old Nestle factory in Norwich, England, has led scientists to unearth the remains of a Saxon settlement.

Iron Age Burial Discovery May be Scotland's Richest Site

The Herald: The discovery of an Iron Age warrior complete with sword and adornments may herald the richest archaeological site in Scotland.

Instructors Needed for Northern Shores War Camp

Arglwydd Gruffyd the Innocent, Northern Shores Deputy Chancellor, has sent out a plea for instructors for the upcoming University at Northern Shores War Camp.

Southern California Author Creates Modern Code of Chivalry

Using the Code of Chivalry to address ethical issues and personal dilemmas in business, education, relationships, parenting and sports, author and speaker Scott Farrell brings the Seven Knightly Virtues to the modern world.

March 18th

An Tir Kingdom A&S Photos Online

Photographs from the An Tir Kingdom A&S Competition held in Montengarde are now available online.

Brightest Supernova in Recorded History is Period for SCA

NASA: Did your persona see it? May 1, 1006 CE, a new star appeared in the sky. Recorded by astronomers and astrologers in many countries, the star is now known to be a supernova.

Rowany Festival Challenge Answered

Their Majesties of Lochac have commanded Their subjects to raise a Companie of fighters for the upcoming Rowany Festival (April 18-21, 2003). Luan O'Cliaranach an Fael, Captain Company of the Wolf Rampant, has taken up the challenge and plans to run a Pas D'Armes for light fighters.

Feasting from A to Z

Mistress Aoibheil of Dun Holen will be presenting a hands-on class on planning and executing a feast at the AEthelmearc Academy June 21, 2003 in Steltonwald, Barony Debatable Lands. The class will be entitled "SCA Feast - From Beginning to End."

March 17th

Details Available on East-Atlantia Kingdom Crusades

The annual Kingdom Crusades between the kingdoms of the East and Atlantia is scheduled for October 10-12, 2003. Details are now available on the event website.

Gulf Wars Photos Online

Ce'tach Fitzgibbon shares his pictures of the recent Gulf Wars.

Meeting the Magyars

Aiofe's weekly annotated list takes us to Hungary for a look at that country's medieval past.

March 15th

Pennsylvania Traffic Law Changes Cause Concern for Pennsic Travel

New Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicle laws have sparked discussion on several kingdom lists.

British Archaeologist Defends the Middle Ages

British Archaeology: In an article written for British Archaeology, Peter Ellis bemoans the trivialization of the Middle Ages and defends some of its lesser-known concepts.

March 14th

Byzantine Treasure Discovered in Alexandria

Egypt Online: Hungarian mission workers in western Alexandria have discovered gold pieces and jewelry dating from the 4th century CE.

Royal Brewer to be Named at Lilies War

A brewing competition at this year's Lilies War will produce a "Royal Brewer."

March 13th

Eulogy for Baron Domingo and Baroness Ysabet

Here is the eulogy read by Lord Fergus at the "funeral" of Baron Domingo and Baroness Ysabet.

Second Sylvan Crusade in AEthelmearc

The Shire of Sunderoak will host the Second Sylvan Crusade May 30 - June 1, 2003 at Camp Bucoco near Slippery Rock, PA.

14th Century English Garden Challenges Historic Views of Landscaping

National Geographic: The remains of a 700-year-old garden in Shropshire, England may challenge opinions of what constituted a medieval garden, according to a recent article from National Geographic News.

March 12th

Re-enactors Bring the Middle Ages Alive in Australia

N.E.M.A.S., the New England Medieval Arts Society, has been bringing the Middle Ages to life in Australia and New Zealand for a number of years including at the group's Armidale Easter Gathering, which features 400 re-enactors.

Elizabeth I Comes to the Folger

An exhibit featuring the "nation's largest collection of items by and about Elizabeth I" is being presented by the Folger Gallery in Washington, D.C.

TRM of the Midrealm Offer Morale Boost to Subjects in Real-World Military

Middlebridge: Their Majesties of the Middle Kingdom, Tarrach and Fina, are sponsoring a project which provides a letter of support and a royal token of recognition to Midrealm subjects on active military duty.

Drachenwald Crown Tourney Photos Online

Photos of the recent Drachenwald Crown Tourney have been posted by Acarin Saint-Cyr.

Outlands Announces Results of "Toys" Challenge

Master Adam Stedefast, Seneschal of the Outlands, has announced the winner of the Known World Toys for Tots Sword.

Duct Tape: It's Not Just for Fighting Anymore!

Promwear, artwork, bikinis? This is NOT your father's duct tape!

Thor's Hammer Declared "Treasure Trove"

This is Essex: A silver Thor hammer dating from the ninth century has been declared a "treasure trove" by a Chelmsford court.

March 10th

Wax Tablets: Making and Using Them

Greg and Carolyn Priest-Dorman have written an article on the making and use of diptychs or wax tablets which is available online.

Active Duty Care Packages to be Sent

The Shire of Heronter in AEthelmearc will be assembling and sending care packages to members of the SCA on active duty in the Persian Gulf.