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April 1st

Scurvy Knaves Blatantly Copy Respected Publication's Title

Dateline: April 1, 2003. A thieving band of scoundrels calling themselves "The Quarter" have blatantly appropriated, for their own nefarious purposes, the title of a certain well-respected SCA news publication and the page layout of a certain national newspaper.

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Outlands: Perhaps we are being picky, but there seems to be something ... odd ... about the Outlands web site this April 1st.

March 31st

Oldest Fragment of Nibelungen Myth Found in Austria

Fragments of parchment found in the Zwettl monastery in Austria are reported to be the oldest version yet discovered of the epic Nibelungen myth.

Champions of the Isles Chosen in Drachenwald

At Saturday's Champions of the Isles event in Bramhope, England, competitions were held to decide the new Insulae Draconis Champions for Rapier, Heavy Weapons, Archery, and Arts & Sciences.

Tournament How-To Links

This week Aoife shares her annotated list of links dealing with Medieval Tournaments.

March 29th

Shire of Sterlynge Vayle to Host Axes and Ales

Sterlynge Vayle, located near Sanford, NY (USA), invites the populace of the Known World to join them for the fifth incarnation of this event, which features thrown weapons competition and brewing.

Cockatrice Seeks Contributors, Subscribers

The "Cockatrice," an Arts and Sciences publication edited by Lady Rainfreda der Einsamen Hugel, is currently seeking articles for its next issue.

March 28th

Entertainers and Bards Wanted for June Faire

The Barony of Dragon's Laire in An Tir invites entertainers and bards to take part in their annual June Faire/Medieval Festival, which is open to the public.

Theft of SCA Gear Includes Coronet

A trailer belonging to Brian Thornbird has been stolen from Union City, CA. The trailer contained a great deal of SCA-related equipment.

Atlantia Welcomes New Citizen

Their Majesties of Atlantia have a new subject: Jessica Mary Elizabeth Bright.

Notes on Story Comment Forums

Want to post your comments to an story? Here are some tips that will help you make the most of this feature.

Medieval Seals Project Seeks Letters of Support

Historians at the University of Durham in England are seeking letters of support for a project to create a website for research of medieval seals.

Introducing Leonardo da Vinci

In her weekly column, Aoife shares her annotated research links on the ultimate Renaissance man: Leonardo da Vinci.

March 27th

HavenHolde Alliance Corporate Secretary Answers Project's Critics

Members HavenHolde Alliance project team say the project has been unfairly maligned by comments posted by readers of their press release, and a corporate official offers this response to the criticism.

Baron Offers Tips for Medieval Amusement

A website hosted by Baron Modar Neznanich explains the rules to many Medieval and Renaissance games.

Ancient Swords Discovered in Turkey

Discovery News: A cache of swords, reported to be the oldest yet discovered, has been found in southeast Anatolia, Turkey.

War Situation Sparks Concerns for Atenveldt Event

The Baron and Baroness of Sun Dragon, in Atenveldt, have requested that people avoid wearing overtly Middle Eastern head dress to the upcoming Mixed Weapons event.

6th Century Welsh Prince Colonizes North America

Eastman's: According to the March 24, 2003 issue of "Eastman's Genealogy Newsletter Online," Prince Madoc ap Meurig not only arrived in North America during the 6th century, but also set up colonies.

March 26th

Organizers Seek "Snappy Name" for Pennsic Food Drive

The organizers of a food drive at this year's Pennsic War are holding a contest to come up with a "snappy name" for the drive.

Barhus Prize Awarded for Excellence in Documentation

Their Excellencies Baroness Mairi ni Raghaillaigh and Baron Mord Hrutsson the Green have announced the first winners of the Barhus Prize for Documentation Excellence.

March 25th

Persian Gulf Casualty Report Strikes Home with Midrealm Family

Navy Lieutenant Thomas Mullen Adams, killed in action in a helicopter crash in the Persian Gulf conflict, was the nephew of two Midrealm subjects. By the family's kind permission, we share their story with you.

Lochac Festival to Feature Banner and Flag Contest

A "Best Looking Banners and Flags Campsite Competition" will take place at the Rowany Festival in Lochac with the goal of improving the medieval look of the festival.

Sutton Hoo Visitor Center to Present Far Fetched Treasures

EDP24: The Sutton Hoo Visitor Center, opened last March, will present "Far Fetched Treasures" though May 31, 2003.

Online Quiz Tests Knowledge of Medieval Women Throughout history, women have helped to shape the worlds of politics, literature, medicine, and even military conquest. Take this quiz to see how much you know about some of history's most influential ladies.

March 24th

Lego Blacksmithing Leads the List of Smithy Weblinks

Aiofe's links list this week covers blacksmithing and metalworking, including one for a Lego blacksmith shop.

March 22nd

History of Science Society Calls for Papers on New Plants

The Botany Section of the History of Science Society has called for papers to be submitted for the Society's Annual Meeting to be held in Cambridge, MA November 20-23, 2003. The topic is: "New Plants and Botany Before Linnaeus."

March 21st

Vikings Invade Minnesota

Now through May 18, 2003, the Science Museum of Minnesota in Minneapolis will be hosting the Smithsonian exhibit "Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga."

March 21st

Proposed Lochac Guild of Defence Ordinances Available for Perusal

Richard Cullinan, Guildmaster of the Lochac Guild of Defence, has announced that the Proposed Charter and Ordinances for the Guild are available online.

Newcastle Tube Riders Given Latin Lessons

Metro station signs in Newcastle, England are being translated into Latin in a bid to boost tourism.

Web Site Offers Detailed Persona Research Articles

A new web site, "Down to the Day", offers help to those who wish to research their Middle Ages persona in great detail.