Archive - Aug 27, 2003 - Story

Mongolia's Cult of Ghengis Khan

Under Mongolia's former Communist rulers, the mere mention of the name of Ghengis Khan was outlawed. Now there is no escaping him.

Viking Naming Source Available Online

Gentles looking for period Norse names will want to check out a website by Aryanhwy merch Catmael (Sara L. Friedemann) which uses period sources for Viking bynames (nicknames).

Blacksmiths to Converge on Ohio

September 26-28, the Quad-State Conference 2003, the American Midwest's largest blacksmithing convention, will take place in Troy, Ohio.

12th Century Priory Rediscovered in Hereford, England

After 20 years of searching, archaeologists have located a 12th century monastery beneath Hereford County Hospital.