Archive - Aug 22, 2003 - Story

Pennsic Rapier Champions Featured on Photo Page

Lord Liam of the East Kingdom has posted photos by Don Brokk Jarlsson of the Pennsic 32 Rapier Champions Battle.

Viking Haute Couture Modeled in Denmark

MSN: The latest in medieval fashion was modeled recently at an outdoor museum near Lejre, Denmark.

August Updates of Stefan's Florilegium

THLord Stefan li Rous has updated the Stefan's Florilegium website with new entries covering such topics as Animals, Crafts, Cooking and Travel.

Italian Archaeologists Work to Uncover Ancient Pozzuoli

For the past decade, a team of archaeologists has been working to reveal the wonders of the city of Pozzuoli, once the port of ancient Rome, now encased by the foundations of a Spanish city built in the 16th century on Naples.