Archive - Aug 12, 2003 - Story

Arts and Sciences on Parade at Pennsic 32

Myriad artisans displayed their fine workmanship at the Coopers' barn on Monday.

Tyger Roars in Woods at Pennsic

The Pennsic Woods Battle, held Monday, was a victory for the East Kingdom.

Pennsic Blood Drive Successful, Will Return Next Year

The Pennsic Blood Drive collected 90 pints of blood for the Red Cross, slightly short of quota but enough that they will return next year.

Employment Exchange Board at Pennsic

Sca_Maids_and_Valets, an e-mail employment exchange group, is attempting its first on-site posting board at Pennsic War.

Fines for Laziness at Italy's Historic Churches

AP: Officials have announced fines to curtail loitering and littering at churches and other historical sites in Venice and Florence.

New Exhibit on Ancient Egyptian Artists Opens at the Walters

A new exhibit, "Tools and Models of Ancient Egyptian Artists," is running at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, MD, from August 9, 2003, through March 28, 2004.